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Cosmology is the name we give to our theory of life, the universe and everything. It reveals the natural order and signifies our place in it. More than a point of view, cosmology is the architect of our landscape. One way to make visible its process and practices is with acausal counselling.

Acausal Counselling

Mental Health

Pathology forms the basis of all mental health interventions. Whether you seek preventative, curative, alternative, integrative or complementary treatment, there is no getting around the pathological perspective. Acausal counselling is, in a nutshell, your way of getting 'mental health' designated treatment in a therapeutic process that is not dependent upon theories of disease, abnormality, dysfunction or disorder.

Business Building

Financial profit stands at the centre of all marketing strategy. Whether you're a purpose-driven entrepreneur, social betterment activist, down-to-earth tradie, or busking poet, the career advice on offer equates success with your bank balance and, thus, is set on a money-making trajectory. Acausal counselling is your way of understanding the role of money differently by taking account of the real experience of living.

Professional Support Services

As a teacher, healer, social or psyche worker, you deal with the fallout of holding space for things to happen. Just as mental health and business building clients know, there is no alternative to this kind of problem-solution based reading of your situation. Acausal counselling offers debrief and support of an open-ended nature to complement the systems you already have in place.

"I'm more interested in treating my life like a detective mystery. I don't know how I showed up or why. I don't know what I can do or what I am. I think its a relief when I meet people who have similar attitudes."
-- Gabriel D. Roberts



Wherever you are right now, wherever you think you're from -- who birthed you or when you walked-in -- your story flourishes thanks to a well-established garden of "narratives".

Narrative Ends

From the very first, we are unwittingly drawn into a vast, ever-changing landscape not unlike walking into a theatre part-way through a movie not knowing its context or the characters, including oneself. Only whence we adopt a story can we explain what's going on. And only if one is tempted to explain does one even bother. This is the purview of narrative.

A narrative helps us tell the tale. It describes the garden in all its glory, and consecrates our place in it. Without a narrative, we are adrift; uncertain of where, exactly, we fit in the scheme of things. Although this too can serve as a narrative all its own -- the narrative of not knowing or ill-fitting. Which is where it can get tricky and why MetaphOracle offers its services.

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
-- Muriel Rukeyser



Most of us live our lives without ever really seeing how the fabric of our world is constructed. We assume our point of view is a fixed set of principles that guide our actions. Rarely do we consider the fragility and alternatives to life as we know it.

Regenerating Knowledge

Ordinarily, asking after cosmology would take you toward an examination of space-time, and the physics of matter and energy. You would delve extensively into ontologies, cosmogonies, and epistemologies but you would do so exclusively through a positivist lens; one that emphasises observable and measurable facts. As a consequence, the questions posed would focus on the world according to a 'realist tradition' (Behr, 2009). Such an approach does two things: (1) It divides cosmology between the scientific (as real) and the anthropological (as belief), and (2) it privileges -- as 'truth' -- the myths, stories, and historiographies that establish this distinction (Campion, 2017).

That's one cosmology. One of many. And, as one cosmology of many, it's equally valid... and, more importantly, yours might be different. Then again, it might be the same. How would you know? Only once we've taken a deep dive into the planes and plateaus, the invention of a gaze, the processual projects, and landscapes of meaning that territorialise your 'truth', can we begin mapping you.

This deep dive is considered a 'regeneration of knowledge'. To be clear, generating knowledge is what you do when you think you already know, and anything you 'learn' can simply be added to the existing knowledge project. Regenerating knowledge, on the other hand, is what you do when you allow that you don't know. So, rather than assuming there is a baseline of facts we can build upon, the questions you'll be asked during this process will bring your unique baseline to light.

"In Zen we have a saying that if you haven't seen somebody for two minutes, don't assume he or she is the same person."
-- Tetsugen Bernie Glassman



Think of 'relationship'. Your cosmology manifests as (i) the name you give it, (ii) how you identify it, (iii) your expectations, (iv) your response to expectations un/met, (v) your assumptions about what's going on, (vi) the story/language you use to describe what's going on, (vii) actions you take, (viii) whether you deem these appropriate, (ix) how you feel/respond either way, and so on.

...In The Real World

As you can see, your cosmology shows up all over the place... in relationship. Now imagine instead that we're talking about 'your job' or 'your child' or 'your self'. These too are just words you use to identify goings-on that you feel the need to separate out into categories of person-place-thing-action-event. That's part of your cosmology -- the need to categorise. How you categorise and what assumptions are made along the way, is where you get to fill-in-the-gaps.

Filling in the gaps is where the invisible comes to light. It's where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. As you flesh out the details of your every sub-step, all the narratives in play become obvious; those from and about your childhood, work, love, race, time, purpose, etc. As the narratives in play become obvious, all your judgements make themselves known; any expectations or pre-conceptions, hierarchies or binary oppositions you may have in place. How you feel about what's revealed, is where you get to take control.

Taking control is about your role in all this. As you regenerate the truth that's been operating all along, you'll reach a point of contention. At this point, you'll either decide you can change your story, or you'll realise everything and everyone involved is perfectly on purpose. If it's a change-point, then you'll begin to work through your sense of reality as a point-of-separation. If it's a perfection-point, you'll begin to work through your sense of reality as an alchemy-of-one. Either way, you'll have begun a whole new experience of what's going on for you.

"The earth is more a process than an object"
-- Ranjan Ghosh



It starts to rain. You work outdoors. The city's been in drought for months. This is not an abstraction; the rain has real consequences for you. Awareness of your cosmology is no less tangible.

Tangible Awareness

Within a material world-view (especially one attributed to the medical gaze, for-profit marketing and six-figure-spiritualists), a client is motivated by solutions and outcomes. Within this model, the potential end of suffering or attainment of a goal are the primary reason for buying a product or service. That's why people list the benefits, problems-solutions, goals and outcomes on their website; so visitors can make the decision to purchase based on a match with their experience. Even not-for-profit enterprises are doing this these days; promising better sleep, greater focus, improved relationships, and a more centred, more grounded point of awareness from which to operate in every day.

Beyond the material world-view, there is room for something else. To go beyond this model is to account for decision-making processes that operate differently; motivated by acausal influencers indistinct from awareness itself. These include a wide array of knowledge plateaus such as temperature, proprioception, sound, meaning-making (interpretation), visions, meanderings, fogs, etc. Instead of being motivated by solutions and outcomes, the clients of this model wait to feel their way toward a decision in less binary terms. They associate outcomes with ends and, in their world-view, there are no ends. Only ongoing conversations. These clients will make their decision based not on what I have to say or what is promised but on the guidance of that over-arching now moment that moves them.

For those who need to know the potential benefits of discovering their cosmology, please see below where I have noted feedback from clients: Benefits and Points of Difference (PoD)


"Can the subaltern speak? I reinvented the problem in a sentence and transformed it into the object of a simple semiosis. What can such a transformation mean? This gesture of transformation marks the fact that knowledge of the other subject is theoretically impossible"
-- Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak



The Main PoD that clients and friends find of benefit

  • being accepted as whole and complete from the very beginning;
  • being free to change direction or have a process that does not define you or end up as evidence against you in later sessions;
  • being able to decide what is good or bad for you, what to aim for and how to go about it;
  • not being asked to start over with a new system or in a new direction; and
  • being met, each and every session, exactly where you are and not being expected to have made progress or completed homework or anything else that makes you feel judged.


What makes our services unconventional

  • phases instead of stages means you're never being assessed;
  • goals are optional -- as are outcomes, success and improvements;
  • problems are optional so you can talk about anything and not need to justify it as a topic of conversation;
  • labels are optional and dynamic so you can use them when they work and abandon them when they get in your way;
  • diagnosis is optional so you can talk about stigma without adopting your disease; and
  • although we may start out with a project in mind you may find other "skills' or "issues" take precedence which allow you to finish that project on your own or to re-route altogether.

"In fact, a person always finds when he begins to practice meditation that all sorts of problems are brought out. Any hidden aspects of your personality are brought out into the open, for the simple reason that for the first time you are allowing yourself to see your state of mind as it is."
-- Chogyam Trungpa




Assumptions are based on belief. Decisions and instincts are guided by beliefs. Many of these remain invisible by design until revealed.

Notions of Self

"Self" is an exclusively cultural product. Your experience of self will depend upon where and how you normalised an identity.


Otherwise known as cosmogony, the way we locate the sources and development of the universe speaks volumes about our condition.


We have a tendency to arrange all that is into tiny little compartments. These are divvied up into columns, circles, chains, networks and so on.


If order is the nature of things then reason is its logic. You have a unique set of explanations for why and how life happens; we all do.


You might think of this as any combination of the following: purpose, means of navigation, overview of the landscape, your how-tos and/or route.

One-on-One Phone Sessions

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