Everything is perfect. Exactly as it is. The question is, are you ready to be loved for exactly who you are? And if not, can you accept that as perfect too!




Sometimes we sign up for things in the hope we'll attain mystical powers.

Like the ability to hear and see things that make life easier to predict, easier to prosper, easier to avoid the pitfalls of everyday relationships.

Other times we sign up believing we'll find a magic key that grants us access to the life of our dreams. A life of joy and grace. A life free from the pressure of bills and the frustration of computer glitches. Where children, husbands or wives are all copacetic, and there's nothing to get hung up about {Yes, you should start singing "Strawberry Fields" at this point}. This eight-week online experience is different.

We all want to make a difference

We all want to be making a difference - at work, at home, in the community. So when the reality of our efforts seems slow to respond, we work harder to "get results" and in the meantime, life is happening to us instead of simply happening.

When life is happening to us, we struggle to truly nurture ourselves. We struggle to feel oneness with family and end up building walls of frustration. We struggle to participate intuitively when all we see is crisis point.


In dualistic notions of the universe, the suggestion is that we struggle to recognise our uniqueness as fabulous because there is something to fix. Because there is something we lack. Because we are being thwarted or suffer from some learned sabotage.

In the Perfect Present, we pose these same questions without ever needing to look for what's wrong with you. Without ever needing to integrate or illuminate. Without ever needing to fix, change or heal.


Ready for an experience that won't fade over time?

An experience that won't ask you to become a monk, expect you to be 100% all the time, demand global transformation as proof you're doing it right, or leave you feeling as if you've signed up for a lifetime trapped silently screaming inside an equanimous emotional straightjacket.

Discover what it means to truly believe YOU are doing all you can with what you have. Find out what it takes for YOU to trust that you are perfect for your purpose. Have an experience of life in this moment where there is nothing missing or wrong with everything you are right now...


Week 1 | Permission to Play

This is not another exercise in learning to do X in order to get Y. This is the only real-time heuristic exploration currently available on the planet.

In week one, you will be introduced to material in a teacher-free style, and offered various prompts for self-examination.

Everything is designed to make you the expert of your world, your reality, and your truth. Which means if you believe 'thoughts-create-experiences' then week one will be all about that. Whereas, if you believe 'change-requires-physical-intervention' then guess what week one will focus on for you?

And if you trust that 'it's-all-one', and 'being-is-doing' then week one has something special for you too!

Week 2 | Permission to Rule

As well as offering a dynamic approach to knowing thyself in that most subjective way, the Perfect Present 8 Week Experience is also about science. In particular, it's about exceptions to the rule. 

You'll get to do perception tests in order to see if you can really see what you think you see. And experiment with your own set of rules about, well, everything!

As a special treat, we've given you access to interviews with people who not only have very different ideas about the world but manage to articulate their perspective(s) without ever making anyone (including themselves) right or wrong. That's pretty tricky! Go ahead and try to make a statement that no-one disagrees with. It's harder than you think.

Best of all, you get to decide how all of your rules, even the ones that inspire doubt or indulgence, are part of your desire to feel loved. So rather than picking out all the things you need to change about yourself in order to be happier, you're spending all your time recognising the divinity in who you are RIGHT NOW!

Week 3 | Permission to Dance

Surrender and the art of allowing only works if it's already true. Is it true for you?

Week three is all about your style of flow. Some people prefer polarity so that they can tell the good times from the bad. Other people see the world as a spectrum where everything is sacred.

Instead of trying to push you in any particular direction, we're more interested in what your truth is telling you. 

Which explanation and experience of flow is true for you? How do you dance to any tune the universe is playing? What constitutes music you can dance to versus noise in your experience of reality? Does that distinction exist as something to fix, change and heal? Or is the music-noise differential simply an equal and essential aspect of All That Is? And is there any such thing as an obstacle or interruption to flow?

Week 4 | Permission to Feel

Feelings are often touted as good guys and bad guys. They are meant to tell you something about how well you're doing, and about how balanced your life is. This is not always true.

As any so-called empath or child of the universe will tell you, feelings are not an indication of balance, they are a form of communication. Via experience, we have the ability to know without knowing, and to see without seeing. For example, shamans and psychics see-feel this language as sacred - a means of being who they are. 

This is your chance to ask, 'is it true that only I can give myself permission to do it my way?' And to feel the truth of that. To ask, 'what if I am already awake?' And to explore the reality available when we trust ourselves unconditionally.

You'll find out if there is a difference between your story and your experience in this week's experiment, and recognise how all of this is perfect for your purpose. You'll explore the unsustainable lightness of being that begins feeling fresh and quickly goes stale, and experience the magical mystery tour of not-knowing.

Full Session Recording

Jasmin sat with us to talk candidly about all the things that came up for her and how each week changed her approach and appreciation for life.


Week 5 | Permission to Connect

Cause and effect forms a central anchor in our worldview. It tells us who we are as much as how the world works (including what to expect).

But how often do we question the nature of that anchor?

This week you feel beyond the assumptions into your oneness reality even if it is only to see that your truth is in separation. Wherever you end up is perfect. It's where you've always been, and there is still a way to be present to your truth without contradiction no matter what you discover about yourself!

Week 6 | Permission to Shine

Normally when you get to this stage you expect to be a butterfly emerging from its cocoon ready to take on the world with renewed vigilance and vim.

This is not that kind of party.

There is no emergence from the perfection of 'what is'. Unless, of course, you decide there is. This is all about your truth, after all.

Week six we look at all the ways we have made the Perfect Present material into an ideal, and then we break it down. There is nothing to teach or learn in oneness. But do you exist in oneness? Is it your purpose to experience self-reality as oneness? Or do you have some other truth?

Whatever the answer, it's all about seeing the perfection of what is true for you - not as an outcome or something to work toward, but as is right now without exception. So let's do that!

Week 7 | Permission to Celebrate

You are a gift. You don't have a gift or share a gift, you simply are a gift however you show up. What happens when you try to celebrate that, no matter what it looks like?

Many of you will still be looking for the perfect present big picture outcome where say, relationships are an indicator of what's good in order to know what to celebrate. There are no indicators in oneness. It's all sacred. But you need to be celebrating your truth, not going for the oneness experience, so ask yourself 'what is the goal again?'

If you believe in right-and-wrong; if you operate in separation then ask yourself, 'How do I know when I'm on the right (or wrong) path?' and trust that it's on purpose. Can you do that?

If you can, that's perfect. If you can't, that's perfect. What makes it perfect? That's what this week is all about...

Week 8 | Permission to Be

Why is it that with each modality and practice we explore, our sense of 'simply being' turns into a way to control who we are?

It's as if the theories take us on as unruly children, and work to shape us into calm, rational adults with a commitment to service - diluting and denying who we are in the process.

What happens when your natural state is incompatible with the calm and organised way of being that makes sense to other people; other people who aren't focused on making sense of you, but instead dividing the world into categories that help them feel safe and make you look nuts? In other words, what happens if you weren't born to look spiritual?

Let's explore all the ways we think we need to show up in order to be who we are. Let's allow the truth of our spiritual herding to be on purpose even if it's not who we are. And let's acknowledge our way of simply being in all its unique glory for no other reason than it's what we're called to do.

Every day for fifty-six days you receive new content, EVERY DAY!

  1. Pages and pages of material to read (or not, it's up to you) about cosmologies across the globe (and how to identify yours), the psychology of pathology and ways to see your true reflection without diagnosis, the art of allowing as an everyday experience (not a special meditation), and so on.
  2. Experiments to partake in for your own exploration, there's no test at the end.
  3. Videos to watch when you're ready for something wildly unexpected.
  4. Interviews to listen to whilst you're doing whatever it is you do.
  5. Quizzes to blow your pre-conceptions out into the open (and love them just the way they are or reject them if you prefer).
  6. Recipes for an experience of the unknown.
  7. Meditations to listen to online or download for later when it's quiet and you're offline.
  8. Storyteller exercises to reveal what's really going on for you (and how to 'be with' that).
  9. Journals and self-reflections to download and do in your own time (no homework to report on, just enjoy the process of exploration for its own sake and feel free to share if you simply can't hold it in any longer).
  10. Regular Check-In recordings to see how you're travelling (after all, this is some pretty unconventional stuff).
  11. Live call recordings from original participant groups are all included.

P.S. This Is Not a Solution to Your Problem. It's the Presence of Now.

You are free to interpret the material any way you please. For some, it has been transformational, for others a window into oneness, but it is offered as a dynamic self-directed exploration of your truth, not a method of improvement.


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