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Your O'Biz Story




Common Entry Points for an O'Biz Story Session


1. Work


Whether you work for yourself or you're looking for guidance around other employment, Your Oneness Business Story is a great way to get clear on what's going on.

Whether you have a specific question or no idea where to start, it's all the same. It makes no difference what you do or don't know, what you have or don't have, these sessions are focused on Your Oneness Business Story.


2. Health


Generally speaking, we're not looking for another healer/modality. We know what we need. Where we tire is having to explain ourselves over and over again. Having to tell physicians what's going on for us in their language rather ours. 

We feel alone as mediator between our experience and the way the world views what's going on for us, with no-one to talk to about that. Until now!


3. Relationship 

That's the big three really, isn't it? Work, health, relationship. They're the three places we feel the most stretched, and the most joy. As much as we know we're exactly where we're meant to be, we can't use our partner/s as counsellor on top of everything else we get/need from that connection. 

Even the most sacred relationship will push you to look at yourself and wonder, "What the hell am I doing here!?" That's what it's meant to do. That's why we love and honour the experience of relationship - because it's one of the few places we trust that it's safe to explore by asking ourselves, "What's really going on?"

Coming to that realisation is one thing. Being able to live with yourself in the process is another. That's what your O'Biz sessions are all about. You know you're in a sacred place but you feel crappy and you've decided that you don't need to do this alone. So let's talk.


4. Personal


It's often overlooked how therapeutic it can be just having someone willing to see you as you see yourself. Someone who doesn't want to change your version of the story, just so you make more sense to them.

No matter how crazy or unacceptable you think it might be, whatever you need to confess, whatever bits and pieces of the story you're working to thread together, I'm here to make sure you're not alone.


5. Energy


Alongside every normal process you go through, there are an equal number of inexplicable ones. For empaths, angels, deva avatars, and so on, the world is not as straight forward as conventional physics allows. You feel-see-do things differently.

These sessions talk you through the experiences that feel like attack or disgrace. They mean you have access to someone who celebrates your vulnerability and let's you work through your own stuff out loud. That's me!


6. Passion


If you're an activist and you're fighting the good fight then chances are you get slammed. A busy life being all you can on a local-global-universal stage. A busy brain hyper vigilant of all the ways you can buy smarter, act wiser, and be better. Plus you feel everything deeply.

None of this is a problem. You wouldn't have it any other way, but you might say, "Yes!" if someone offered you a space to let it all hang out.

When you're seeking a safe place to say all those unspoken things and process all those 'not-right-now' moments, this is it. I'm your girl.


7. Spiritual


It's hard to find somewhere to lay it all out on the table. People are always trying to nudge you toward the positive or telling you what it means to feel how you feel. 

Your O'Biz Story is a tale without beginning or end, a place to say one thing and mean another. Grant yourself the freedom to speak so you can hear what you're really saying. If you feel like you need to speak to someone who won't interpret you according to their rules then we should talk.


8. Purpose


Life is what it is unless you have a purpose. Then it becomes something more. Something meaningful, and over time your purpose can burden you with obligations instead of fulfilling your wildest dreams.

Whatever purpose you have taken on, I bet there are times you wish you could connect with someone who understood. Someone who didn't take every opportunity to look down their noses at you for wanting to take a break. So let's talk.


9. Trust


The final segue into Your Oneness Business Story session, is about trust. Are you uncertain if you can trust yourself? Have you reached a point in your life where everything is changing and you need something solid to hold onto whilst the world transforms itself around you?

Perhaps it's not so much an issue of trust in the proverbial sense, but more a question of no-one to turn to with your ponderances because you are the only one who innately trusts All That Is. Whatever the case, I'm happy to have that conversation with you.