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The Four Styles of Being With

1. Graphs, Maps, Labels and Measurable Outcomes

For people who like structure, the fluid explanations of what to expect from our sessions can be frustrating if not disheartening. Never fear, there is a way to organise your process into a map from where you are to what you want to achieve, including what you expect from the session(s).

2. Give Me Land, Lots of Land... Don't Fence Me In!

For those who prefer not to know upfront exactly where they'll be at the end of our time together, the idea of going through phases and accomplishing ends can be daunting if not off-putting. No worries, there is a way to design your contact points as complementing whatever larger projects you have cooking, including the spacing of time between sessions as needed.

3. Just This Is It & There's Nothing I Can Do About It

For those who have no choice but to be who they are - emotional empaths, deva avatars, oracles and so on - the pressure to conform to psychoanalytic and/or zero sum accounts of the universe (brought about by the normalisation of a singularly dominant perspective) can be exhausting if not revelatory. For you, my pretties, there are alternative interpretations available; of a sort that never make you right, wrong or incomplete but instead always read the meaningfulness of what's going on as cosmologically sound.

4. A Little Bit of Everything

Sometimes we cannot fit the box into our lives and we simply have to take each moment as it comes. For those who do not present a consistent front, and who need a little reprieve from being asked to explain who they are once and for all, the suggestion that one pick and choose from oppositions can be disingenuous if not paralysing. Breathe easy, there is a way to meet unburdened by categories and typesets.


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