A Short list of Client Testimonials

"Prior to receiving my treatment with Melanie I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed with lots of different emotions. On arriving at Melanie’s treatment space I had an immediate feeling of relaxation. With the peaceful water views and Melanie’s relaxed easy nature, I felt very comfortable to begin my session with her. With Melanie’s intuitive nature she works on a level where she decides what is right for the client on arrival. For me my treatment began with a mixture of beautiful oils being massaged gently into my feet. This was very soothing and I was able to reach deeper levels of relaxation soon after she begun. She then proceeded to give me information she was receiving from my guides as to what was being shown to her. She explained to me the different healing levels I had a capacity for which was very revealing. She also showed me different exercises on how I could access and release deep held emotions from the spiritual body by using colour and imagery to be able to fix the issues that were coming up.

Our session spanned over several hours, and we both lost track of time. At the end of our session I had a wonderful feeling of ease, like layers of stress had been delicately removed and this feeling continued on for many weeks afterwards and also unlocked healing capabilities I had not previously been aware of. It created a new outlook for me and aided in my meeting key people for my spiritual and healing evolution.

Thank you Melanie, I would highly recommend your services to anyone who needed some wise guidance and healing." -- Michelle | NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Hypnotherapist


"You are the connection between the atoms and the outside energies I cannot see. Your intuition is exciting, and I love walking into your space. I love the feeling knowing that you know something about me that I don't know yet know, or that I am just learning or starting to feel about myself. You place the seed and wait for a response. Your eyes are mesmerising… I wonder where they end, or actually begin. They are deep, the deepest of eyes I have seen.

I learn from you... difference, individuality, self love, self acceptance. This is your life. Your way. I am eternally grateful for the all you have shown me and thank you for being in my life." -- Samantha | Mum and Interior Designer


"I went to Melanie thinking I needed some direction with a couple of books I'd like published. We sat on the floor like kids working on a school project. In a crazy whirlwind of words, colours and random conversation, Melanie guided me to intuitively express my deepest desires for my books, my business and in effect my life! By connecting with Melanie I was able to re-connect with myself and my higher life purpose... I highly recommend having some creative play time with Melanie.” -- Emma | Head, Heart & Hand Holidays


"... human angel, off-the-scale-IQ-being, intuitive, healer, and voice-in-waiting! Melanie and I connected recently through poetry and it was her and the gorgeous Louise Moriarty whose invitation I accepted to feature as the guest poet at the Dust Temple along with Daevid Allen last week.

Melanie and I hung out for a day afterwards as dazzling beings do, sharing all things cosmic, tuning one another's frequencies, sharing resources and conveying activations while I sat for her (did I mention she's also a talented artist?)." -- Oonagh Om-Shanti | JazzPoeting Synchronistic Oneironaut


"I am a very creative and intuitive person, who likes to think of myself as energetic and capable. The more I achieve and challenge myself the bigger and more sneeky the blocks seem to be. I have been working with Mel for over a year at different times in relation to different projects and she is someone who always exceeds expectations. If I am blocked on a project and I need creative catharsis I turn straight to her because I know she will allow me space to explore and discover the answers to my own challenges. Her guidance is insightful and the tools she shares move me along a pathway to purpose filled freedom.

I recommend having a cuppa with Mel and having an experience of how she can help you to find satisfaction and joy in the areas where that feels hardest to achieve." -- Louise | The Poet


Disclaimer: Out of respect for my clients' privacy, I choose not to include last names, dates or photos. Although I have been given permission to do so, it feels exploitative and so unethical.


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