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Have you been diagnosed with a stigmatised disorder?

Does your situation sit outside the problem-solution paradigm?

Is it difficult to translate your experiences into words that other people understand?

Do you wish your relationships felt more organic?

Is your business incompatible with the current sales jargon?

Are you a bad fit for most spiritual and mindfulness approaches?





Economic, social and political stressors -- Any fallout from simply being in our current age.

Stressors of being "othered" -- such as being extradited to the gender spectrum or having a hyphenated identity/status (e.g., black-Muslim-American).

Relating stressors -- being told there is something wrong with you and having no platform to meet the accusation.


Stigmatised and socialised conditions -- Borderline personality disorder, undiagnosed illness, out-of-the-box genius.

Schemas and beingness -- unbounded or non-self, not necessarily human, shared-soul and/or life purpose, deva avatars, surrender, not-knowing etc.


Uncategorised scenarios -- Empath, channel, angelic medium, shaman, psychic, muse, sensate, clearer, scribe, misfit.


Support -- Counsellors, artists, teachers, energy workers, advocates, integrated therapists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, conflict-based experts, cross-cultural community workers, international relations specialists, refugee aides.


States of being -- Parenthood, scholarship, pregnancy, divorce, grief, coming-of-age, transformation, healing-crisis, walking-in, living together, drug use, dealing with uncertainty in an evolving relationship, depression, life after a violent perpetration, moving on from 'cycles of self-harm', post-prison sentence, re-storying sexual mores, etc.



Skype & Phone Sessions

All sessions are carried out remotely so you can be anywhere in the world, in any room in the house, wearing your pyjamas if you like. Although Skype is an option, I prefer phone consultations which allow me to focus wholly on the experience of you and not on the 'image' represented in video conference.


Online Experiences

Apart from private sessions, there are a growing number of online experiences you can sign-up for. Some are paid, like my signature Perfect Present Eight Week Experience, and others are free, such as the LMQ.

The Perfect Present

When we want to make a difference - at work, at home, in the community -  and the reality of our efforts seems slow to respond, we work harder to "get results". In the meantime, life is happening to us instead of through us. When life is happening to us, we struggle to truly nurture ourselves. We struggle to feel oneness with family and end up building walls of frustration. We struggle to participate intuitively when all we see is crisis point.

In dualistic notions of the universe, the suggestion is that we struggle to recognise our uniqueness as fabulous because there is something to fix. Because there is something we lack. Because we are being thwarted or suffer from some learned sabotage. In the Perfect Present, we pose these same questions without ever needing to look for what's wrong with you. Without ever needing to integrate or illuminate. Without ever needing to fix, change or heal.



Acausal Counselling

Acausal Counselling is just a fancy way of saying we'll talk about what's going on for you without judgement. Instead of looking for causes and solutions, we'll focus on the experiences you're having and how they make sense to you. This leaves you free to design your own progress in friendly terms.

Your Bespoke Process

During our sessions, you'll be asked a series of open-ended questions. Your responses will help reveal your cosmology and form the beginnings of a bespoke process designed just for you. As we continue our work together, your cosmology will thicken; its presence and function will become clearer in all the places you exist -- in your mind, your family, your work, your fears, your status, your passions, your conflicts, your politics, and so on. Although I cannot say for sure what effects this will have, I am assured (by clients and loved-ones) that this works to thine own ends.



Cosmo-counselling is a mutant cousin of transcultural psychiatry and onto-therapy. Transcultural psychiatry acknowledges the importance of a multi-ethnic approach to pathology. Onto-therapy engages in philosophic process as a means to establish mental health. Cosmo-counselling deviates from these notions into a process of unknowing and knowledge regeneration that has no pre-set aims.

Your Bespoke Process

Our sessions will not only provide an insight into your cosmology, they will also allow for true expression of any "strange" or non-western experiences. As well as developing your cosmology, we'll be looking at the kaleidoscope of meanings available to you beyond the English language to decipher what you're going through in a non-pathological way. Yours is a project that does not privilege other people's representations of what is; one that accounts for multiple reality-worlds alongside any dominant perceptions rather than being consumed by it. Analysis of how dominant reality-world accounts are constructed and maintained can be entered, depending on your need.


Mise-en-scène Processing

Mise-en-scene Processing is pieced together from twenty-eight years of working with people in distress. By laying everything out on equal ground and building a portfolio of your wholeness on the premise everything belongs and is equally valuable, we create a safe space for your identity to show itself; unhinged from psychodynamic preconceptions and independent of socialised functions. 

Your Bespoke Process

We'll take all the criticisms and labels you've ever garnered, combine them with all the magnificence you've been recognised for, and take a pre-ontological turn into a new understanding of you. As an extension of your cosmology project, we'll be working on a re-write of your "you" narrative. That is, you'll identify how the problems, issues or weaknesses of your existing self-story can also be known as wholly welcome aspects suited perfectly to your purposes.


Oracle Therapy

Oracle Therapy harks back to therapaea who scribed the dreams of visitors to the Healing Chambers at Epidauros. Reminiscent of Foucault's care as an art of life, it is the act of telling, of witness, of meaningfulness gleaned from unknowable sources.

Your Bespoke Process

Whether you need a card reading or dream analysis, confirmation of visions or relationship insight, it's all in the process. As a metasen, I sense information relevant to our project that moves the conversation into wider territory than conventional processing. Even professional development clients find this useful -- it broadens their breathing space around what's important and loosens their grip on what's absolutely necessary.



The Main PoD that clients and friends find of benefit

  • being accepted as whole and complete from the very beginning;
  • being free to change direction or have a process that does not define you or end up as evidence against you in later sessions;
  • being able to decide what is good or bad for you, what to aim for and how to go about it;
  • not being asked to start over with a new system or in a new direction; and
  • being met, each and every session, exactly where you are and not being expected to have made progress or completed homework or anything else that makes you feel judged.


What makes our services unconventional

  • phases instead of stages means you're never being assessed;
  • goals are optional -- as are outcomes, success and improvements;
  • problems are optional so you can talk about anything and not need to justify it as a topic of conversation;
  • labels are optional and dynamic so you can use them when they work and abandon them when they get in your way;
  • diagnosis is optional so you can talk about stigma without adopting your disease; and
  • although we may start out with a project in mind you may find other "skills' or "issues" take precedence which allow you to finish that project on your own or to re-route altogether.

Phone, Skype & Online

Most clients opt for the convenience of a call. Some prefer a video feed. All online experiences are accessed via the Store.


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