Case Studies

Out of respect for many of our clients, we choose not to use their real names. But they are all real people with real lives who needed to talk with someone who listens differently.

Here are a few of their stories.

Archie | Retired Engineer

(Grand)parent. Mechanic. Business manager. Archie has worn many hats. In his journey from retirement to healing practitioner, we have spent hours pouring through the details of his cosmology. We even made a podcast out of it.


Becca | PresentOfPresence

In her transition from the medical model to a feeling~of~flow, we explored all the language, love-fear, and practical steps that have made themselves known. It has been a joy!

Becca's LinkedIn Profile CASE STUDY

Max | Truckie Dad

Parenting can be hard. It's even trickier with a mixed family and a history of trauma. As a dad, you don't always have someone to talk to so it's handy to be able to pick up the phone and check-in when you need to.


Louise | The Poet

Having worked together for many years now, there's almost no part of life we have not explored. Louise is on a mission to make this a Wonderfilled World. Go check it out!

Louise's Patreon Page CASE STUDY

Retiree, grand/parent, Biofield Tuning practitioner, fixer and fiddler of things.

We met when Archie sought out a beeswax supplier on the Gold Coast, and we instantly recognised our connection. For the longest time we three - Archie his wife and moi - got together for coffee and compared notes on explorations of fringe systems like Damanhur, Matrix Energetix and oneness. We even turned a podcast out of our Skype videos and phone call recordings.

Often Archie just wanted to wax lyrical about the details which meant spending hours on the phone pulling apart all the ins and outs. It didn't matter if we were talking about politics and terrorism, or car racing and sons. The truth of it was always as deep and wide as the ocean of souls known and unknown.

When he discovered Biofield Tuning, we wanted to support his efforts so we built a few web pages to highlight the work he and his wife are doing. We wanted to show how they focus on what is needed, not just being practitioners, which is how they ended up using tuning forks with ex-service men and women in the bush experiencing post traumatic stress.

They combine the forks with other healing work to treat aggrieved parents and spiritual healers in overwhelm via distance work, as well as visiting hermits who live alone in the wild. You couldn't find more generous heart-minds.

It's clear that Archie has a strong sense of service. He loves to help those who work hard and just need a little support to clear out the muck and get on with their lives. He's a treasure to know and be loved by.

Archie pays a monthly patronage for the work we do and we still catch up for coffee whenever he and his lovely wife are in town.

O.T., Bioenergist, Tai Chi and Qigong teacher

We met at Ken Stone's Spiritual Mastery Retreat in 2013. Since then, we have kept in contact. Whenever Becca needs a catch-up - to process her career plans, internal messages or her place in the world - we Skype.

One Pay. One Play. That's how we sort it; that's how we keep every catch-up from becoming a session or alternatively every session becoming a catch-up.

At first it was just talking through stuff but when Becca decided to transition from her medical model job as an O.T. to being a PureBioEnergy practitioner, we got to work on a few business projects too.

As a carer and mum and wife and lover of people, Becca wears her HeartIntuit on her sleeve so it's nice for her to know she can talk to someone who listens without ever trying to steer her in any particular direction or tell her she's out of her mind. When we talk, there's an unspoken trust that she knows exactly what she's doing, even when expressing doubts or shifting stance, for these too are wise and necessary parts of being a whole human-woman with a universe to explore.

Truck Driver, Opera Singer in-training, Writer, Comedian and Loving Father

We've known each other for a while now. Max has a big heart and loves to explore. It's been a rough ride at times and he has quite a few scars but somehow his compassion stays strong.

He reached out when his wife (who has also has it tough) went on a journey of self-discovery, leaving him to raise three young boys. We just talked and didn't try to fix anything. It was mostly a chance to let off steam and say things out loud to another adult. All parents of young children, you know what we're talking about.

The most important thing for Max is that no-one judge the people in his life. Although they are part of the story around his distress, they are not the bad guy here. He doesn't need a therapist or friend telling him how right he is to be angry or how terrible people are to have done what they did.

The next most important thing is that his therapist not treat what he has to say as a problem to be solved. It's not like that for him. He needs someone with a zany, often dark, appreciation of life's twist and turns; someone who knows what it's like to live at the edges with a birds-eye view.

It's also important that his therapist have a big brain. You see Max is a bit of a genius. That's probably why we get along so well. We do enjoy a clever repartee.

There's no set schedule to our sessions. Max simply books in when he needs to chat. It can be weeks months or years between calls. He doesn't want access to the recordings or notes. It's enough that we talk and laugh and cry together.

Poet, Circus Artist, Songwriter, Social Worker, Storyteller and Shamanic Sage.

Our work is ongoing. From mentoring to tech support, Louise avails herself of all our skillsets along with the expertise of many others. Our hope is not to replace or become the sole source of anything, but simply to fill-the-gaps where she falls through the cracks.

Without giving too much away, the work we do is sometimes like a pressure cooker valve, letting off steam. Sometimes like a navigator, orienting toward the North Star. Sometimes like an architect, designing new spaces for life and love (and work and money) to happen. Sometimes like a circus tent, where it's safe and warm from the elements but full of crazy possibilities.

There's no such thing as a typical session. Louise has many goals, many projects and many loves to invest herself in so it's not about the outcomes. Although, admittedly, we spend a lot of time and energy talking about them. Outcomes and money and people, especially lovers. But honestly, it all comes down to this...

If Louise can ask the questions, how am I? and where am I? allowing herself the space to feel what comes in as she contemplates. Then whatever else is going on, we know that's huge. As you may (or may not) know, anyone who's experienced multiple traumas and, on top of that, has few formative relationships with people who really get you, the ability to be where you, as you are (and not harm yourself or anyone else) is massive! And whatever it takes to get you to that place, is an integral part of your thriving-beyond-survival.

The saddest thing is all the stigma attached to that. Louise can't shout it from the rooftops that she had a breakdown-breakthrough without fearing people will think she's unstable or, worse still, that her work can't be trusted. It can add another element of pressure on those already grinding it out when they fear they have to censor the wholeness of their experience.

We all have something that we lean on to be who we are in the world. Therapy and trauma are not new and they do not define anyone's abilities. In fact, they often add texture and the potential for greater insight and empathy. So don't forget to check out her Patreon page and get yourself a poetry portrait. It's what she loves to do and what people most love to receive from her.

Talk With Someone Who Listens Differently

It's rarely straightforward. We move into things and encounter people in the most convoluted of ways. Therapy and clientele is no exception.


Sometimes you just need someone to listen who won't judge when you say all the unspoken things about being a parent, especially when you're in a strained relationship or at the crispy crust of change.


It can seem hopeless once you've been labelled. Mainstreamers look at you differently, and you just wish someone would be straight up and treat you like a whole person, especially when you need to talk. 


Being able to process with someone who isn't afraid of what's going on for you is a godsend! Nobody knows how crazy it can get trapped in your own wilderness, especially when you have nothing to hold onto.


Maybe you have all the pieces and no map. A destination and no route. Or a sense of the where and what, but none of the details. Business, life, whatever. Having someone to play all that out with, is brilliant.


Connection to the answers and questions that really move us is easy enough to establish. It's trusting ourselves enough to hear and speak that usually does us in. Unless we have someone who trust us more.


Before language. Outside of time. Unknown by name. There are many things that can be explored differently. Things that cannot be known by normal channels or understood in human terms.


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