Our History

candlemaking obiz Jun 25, 2019

Business Name #1

Creative Wink

In 2009, we started working for a local youth centre teaching craft and counselling the young parent's group. In order to pay us, the council needed our ABN. That's really where the work we were already doing turned into a commercial enterprise.

As people found out that we made our own candles and cosmetics, we started booking classes to teach people how to do it for themselves. We ran private one-on-ones from home and group events at the community centre (where we also hosted eclectic exhibitions and volunteered as secretary).

Creative Wink was an eco-friendly, locally-sourced, recycled, and affordable way for anyone to learn everything they needed to know about making their own candles and cosmetics. Several of our clients even went on to start their own candlemaking businesses.

Business Name #2

Heart Alchemy

In 2014, we realised the business of teaching had become a series of counselling sessions. Every person who came to make candles ended up in a conversation about their lives, their relationships, and their struggles past and present.

Conducting 4-6 hour lesson-sessions for $69 became unsustainable so we decided to shift gears and make the business what it really was - a therapy session. It was about this time that we entered the partnership Miracles and Wonder, building an online experience on Kajabi - the Perfect Present.

Heart Alchemy was a creative counselling service for people who wanted to keep their hands busy while they talked about what was going on for them. It was also the first time we talked about our unique style of non-judgement listening - being with.

Business Name #3

Oneness Business

In 2017, the business changed again. This time, it was to include marketing and business-building support; something we had been offering in our counselling sessions that was going under the radar.

The more detail we went into with clients, the more they wanted to be able to access our skills in email campaigns, sales funnels, WordPress, PicMonkey, hosting and cPanel, podcasting, webinars, branding, narrative, Kajabi and so on. People still wanted emotional relief in our sessions but they wanted to be able to do it as part of their business-building because that's where they were experiencing the most dis/stress.

O'Biz, as it became known, was a space for people to talk business and feel openly about all the attachments, fears, triggers and traumas that came up every day. Clients could safely acknowledge the realities of entrepreneurship without feeling solely responsible to bring about their own success, stay positive and be 'on' all the time.

Business Name #4


Then, in 2019, we got the itch to move into our next formulation. There were a few potential names but ultimately the Metaphorist won out. It's a word that means more than it can say, and a business that does more than it can promise.

Of course, there a few clients who stick with us no matter what, and their needs have shifted in line with our services. So that works. But now we're also offering oracle sessions, professional development consultations and acausal counselling.

Everything we do now is online or by phone. There are no more sessions at home; which is sad but practical. This way we can serve our clients more readily for a respectable remuneration. If you would like to have a metaphoracle experience, click here.


SEO Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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