I am a cosmo-counsellor.

That means I spend most of my time being with people who are learning how to re-assemble the compartments of their life. At heart, I care about everyone which makes me curious about everyone's story, in their own words.

I'm also a professional development curator with a specialty in 'intercultural' networks. That is, I help to translate actual needs into institutional language so that everyone ticks their boxes. Really, all I do is see the unseen opportunities for people to do what they love.

I like Star Trek and animated kids movies and find myself watching horror films (even though they end up in my dreams). I don't watch TV or read newspapers, but I do take in a lot of data. Crazy, almost dizzying, amounts of information from every discipline and wisdom known and unknown. 

I'm a metasen, which is someone who senses information. I ask a lot of questions, and I was once diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I'm also a published poet and lyricist, visual artist in hiatus and a really terrible whistler.


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