I am a cosmo-counsellor.

That means I spend most of my time being with people who are learning how to re-assemble the compartments of their life. Rather than taking a conventional pathological approach to what's going on for people, my work allows me to accept everyone and everything as whole, purposeful and complete right from the very beginning. Perhaps it's my open-ended curiosity that inspires such compassion, or maybe it's the other way around --  caring about everyone makes me curious about everyone's story, in their own words.

I'm also a professional development curator with a specialty in 'intercultural' networks. That is, I help to translate actual needs into institutional language so that everyone ticks their boxes. Really, all I do is see the unseen opportunities for people to do what they love.

I like Star Trek and animated kids movies and find myself watching horror films (even though they end up in my dreams). I don't watch TV or read newspapers, but I do take in a lot of data. Crazy, almost dizzying, amounts of information from every discipline and wisdom known and unknown. 

I'm a metasen, which is someone who senses information. I ask a lot of questions, and I was once diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I'm also a published poet and lyricist, visual artist in hiatus and a really terrible whistler.

Therapist | Consultant | PD Curator

Cosmo- and acausal-counselling, oracle therapy, mise-en-scene processing.

Community program development, new business or branding., organisational communication.

Professional development.

Melanie Brockwell

Education: Diploma Counselling (2015); BA Society, Life & Learning (2014); Child Development and Effective Parenting (2010)

Background: Youth work, arts co-ordinator, social and emotional well-being facilitator, private practice, and online learning design.

Life Experience: (Circles) Urban gangs, drugs, sex workers, child- and domestic-abuse survivors; (personal) ethereal and other-worldy encounters, drugs, homelessness, miscarriage, and heartbreak.

Expertise: Personality disorders, organisational communication, living relationships, and transdisciplinary PD.

Dip.Couns., Study Major: Child Development and Effective Parenting 2010

As part of my counselling diploma I chose two study majors - child development and effective parenting, and grief and loss.

These, along with my university studies, were an easy way to familiarise myself with traditional mental health approaches and understandings of two central experiences of society -- how to raise little people, and the nature of connection lost.


BA Society, Life & Learning 2014


Critical Thinking

Education: Psychology/History

Human Behaviour

Power, Difference and Recognition

Cognitive Science

Youth & Society

Terrorism: It's Causes and Consequences

Advanced Research in Cultural Studies

Methods of Social Research

Australian and Global Society

Culture and Healing

Myth in the Ancient World

Understanding Contemporary Societies

Diploma of Counselling 2015

Personality & Development Theories

Learning Theories

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Person Centred Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Family Therapy

Case Management

Group Counselling


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