A little of my story.

In 1999, my best friend died unexpectedly. She was only thirty-one. When she didn't turn up at Central Station on time, I figured she'd been delayed by adventure. It turned out she'd been killed in a train accident along with her son. I was hoping we could talk about moving back in together but never got the chance. I was 23.

By this time I'd already had a miscarriage, been couch-hopping-homeless and never felt stable. None of which seemed to affect me the way trauma is supposed to but this was different. After Nat's death, I disconnected, floated, yielded to melancholy.

At 27, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and given Zoloft. Neither the psychiatrist nor the drugs were interested in the complexities of what was going on for me. They focused on self-harm and not much else. As if that was the pinnacle of healing.

I needed a treatment that didn't look at me sideways. One that took all of me into account and was able to replicate the way I am with people. But no one else works like that so, out of necessity, I established my own therapy.


The Early Stages

To keep my depression in check, I started studying online and ended up with a BA of Society Life and Learning. I found it useful to process all my relationships on paper, and to develop a catalogue of my skills as a function of my identity.

At 32, I enrolled in a counselling degree. My dad, who believes in me and my ability to help people so strongly, paid for the whole thing! Yay dad : )

Whilst studying two degrees and working full-time, I also volunteered as craft-lady-counsellor at Thrower House and secretary of Kirra Hill Community & Cultural Centre. On top of all that, I started my own business. It was a lot and it cemented a few things for me around what's missing in the provision of professional services.


The First Thing Missing in the Provision of Professional Services

The Four Gaps in Service

1. Special Abilities

2. Executive Board Communication

3. Alternative Proposal Writing

4. Down-to-Earth Relationships

01 Special Abilities

Working with young people, I remembered all over again what it was like for me. As a teenager with special abilities I had no one to talk to who could normalise what was happening.

That's where I decided to offer my services. Not just to teens but anyone at any age who's going through something that requires an unorthodox approach.

02 Organisational Communication

As the secretary of a non-profit, I recognised the need for better boardroom communication. What seemed obvious to me was not playing out at the meetings. People didn't listen or hear or say what they mean. I spent so much time and energy facilitating relationships that the work suffered.

The communication skills that come naturally to me can be implemented in a workshop for almost any group or organisation. If you want your boardroom to feel more like your lounge room, we can work with that.

03 Alternative Proposal Writing

Being an artist, academic, therapist and event organiser, it's easy to see where the lines get blurred. It turns out I'm not the only one. Professionals who work in education, mental health and the arts often write proposals that need to fit a square peg in a round hole. Never fear, the tech-linguist-lady (who really needs a better name) is here!

Need to work with your state health department? Need to write a legacy program for your successor? Need funding for a project hyphenated up the yin-yang? We can work with that.

04 Down-to-Earth Relationships

One thing I know how to do is be honest. I'm about as straight-forward in relationship as you can get. There's no guessing what I want or "shaping" you into someone else. That's not how most homes operate. Generally, one person makes rules - about cleaning or folding or furniture - that they expect the other person to follow, as if it's not their house too.

For people who live together, there's little guidance on how to honour and privilege one another. That's what I do in session with you - talk about the nitty-gritty details of what it means for you in your relationship.

The Second Thing Missing in the Provision of Professional Services

The Five Mainstays

1. Whole-Circumstance Support

2. Simply Being Counselling

3. Confirmation (or Crazy?)

4. Debrief

5. Parenting Little People

01 Whole-Circumstance Support

Why go to three different sessions to deal with one complex issue when you can combine them into one long, free-flowing conversation? Incorporating several elements - e.g., professional development, relationship counselling and social activism - should be a natural process. After all, it's a natural part of your wholeness.

Whatever the multifacetedness required, I'm sure we can work something out. At the very least, you won't need to hold back the tears if talking about work gets too close to past trauma, and you can flow back and forth into any arena that seems natural to you.

02 Simply Being Counselling

My problem is that I have no problems. Once you exist outside the problem-solution paradigm, there's really nowhere you can go for counselling that isn't trying to make you fit the mould. There are no services that let you be where you are, and accept the value of your wholeness as sacred.

So far, I haven't had any clients who feel this way but I'm offering it anyway. If you don't need to be fixed, changed or healed then I'm here for you.

03 Confirmation (or Crazy?)

I see sparkles. I see and sense all manner of entities and messages. I've worked with empaths, channels, healers, angels and walk-ins. I know what it's like to worry that what you have to say will mean you end up institutionalised or worse.

When you need confirmation that what you're going through isn't crazy, or when you know something isn't quite right but you can't trust the establishment then maybe you can work with me?

04 Debrief

Working in harsh environments can be as taxing as disaster relief. Therapists, social workers, teachers and healers who seek debrief are, at times, discouraged from emoting and relating their stress to a wider field of significance (such as frustrations with the system in place).

For those who prefer a more flexible support process, I'm happy to say, we can work with that!

05 Parenting Little People

Parents who want to raise self-interpellated little people and not to simply churn out more obedient workers for the one-percent wealth machine, will find little traditional support. Focused on behaviour modification and emotional regulation, existing programs leave no room for discovery and natural development.

If childhood is how we all become familiar with our environment then, for a child, exploration of the supermarket is the same as a bushwalk. What happens when we parent a child for discovery? Some very cool things.

The Third Thing Missing in the Provision of Professional Services

The Eight Mysteries

1. Living Master "stuff"

2. Wild-Crafted Wisdom

3. Surrender as a Given

4. Deva Avatars

5. Intuitive Activism

6. Cosmo-Counselling

7. Oneness Business

8. Curious Compassion

My Treatment Design

Qualifying. Mapping. Regenerating.



Discovery & Allowing.

Originally I am from California but now I spend my time traveling the world teaching others how to write. I have a passion for creative writing and If you choose to Hire Me I will show you what you can do to engage your readers like never before.


Mise en scène.ry

Originally I am from California but now I spend my time traveling the world teaching others how to write. I have a passion for creative writing and If you choose to Hire Me I will show you what you can do to engage your readers like never before.


Explore in Words.

Originally I am from California but now I spend my time traveling the world teaching others how to write. I have a passion for creative writing and If you choose to Hire Me I will show you what you can do to engage your readers like never before.


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