A Non-Pathology approach to
Therapy & Professional Development


"Thank you" for considering MetaphOracle. My name's Melanie and I'll be your curator of curiosities. Whatever it is you want to do, change, be or understand, that's what I want for you too!



MetaphOracle brings together mainstream methodology with unconventional insights to develop and deliver creative processes that respond to the unique needs of outside-the-box clientele.

Filling the gaps in professional services.

What if you could bridge the gap between mentor, counsellor, professor, artist and other-worldly seer? You can! Whether you're grappling with a diagnosis, (re)launching your career, working on your relationships, or out to change the world, you have the chance to work on everything at once.

Looking at the bigger picture.

It's not all about you. Oftentimes the project at hand is larger than any personal choices you might make. When you take account of the social, economic and political elements involved, for example, the true scope of your situation becomes clearer.

Working into all areas.

Our clients come to us for all the things they can't get anywhere else. This usually takes the form of compound and complex services that require expertise in multiple disciplines as well as the ability to work from several points of interest.

Focused on what's relevant to you.

We work according to your ideology, and stay with you for as long as it takes. Our unique approach allows us to be with whatever's going on for you. No preconditions.

Allowing you to unbox.

If you can't fit your bio into a box and your life is drifting into the void of un/knowing then chances are we can work with that.



MetaphOracle provides a one-stop shop of down-to-earth services so you get access to whatever it is that you're not finding in the mainstream mental health and career building industries.

-- Have you been diagnosed with a stigmatised condition?

-- Are you torn in two working to change the system from within?

-- Is your business incompatible with transformative leadership sales models?

-- Do you hyper-feel and want relief from a nonpathology explanation?

-- Are you sick of spiritual and mindfulness approaches to everything?

-- Would you love relationships to feel more organic?

If so, then we should definitely have a chat!


Hi, my name's Melanie. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm an unconventional counsellor.

I'm a '75 baby so I saw the birth of PCs, hip-hop and the Internet during my teens. I got kicked out of the education system at sixteen and went to art school for a while before starting IContact with my best friend - Natasha Thomas.

When she died in the Glenbrook rail accident of 1999, I thought I would never recover. Add in a miscarriage, some heartbreak and homelessness and you get a picture of what I dealt with in my twenties.

At 27, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and given Zoloft. Neither the psychiatrist nor the drugs were a fit. I got my bachelors in sociology, a counselling degree, designed my own treatment and started offering my services in 2009 to people who needed someone to listen differently.


Melanie | Founder + Metaphorist @ MetaphOracle


I'm taking new clients into 2020 so now is the time to get a few sessions up your sleeve and work on whatever's going on for you.


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