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the ongoing conversation

What is it to be more than a single thing and less than the whole of one thing (as defined in the world right now)? What are the life-wide implications for those of us uncontained by career and other identifying labels?

Discovery. A Process of Defiance

 I give up. There's no place for me. Not in biz or friendships. I can't operate in academia and I'm not built for politics. The only places that make sense to me don't exist yet. So I'm going to live there. In the spaces that have no language, and don't ask me to explain myself or to conform to a zero-sum reality. That's where you'll find me.


Spaces that make sense to me

The Rescue Boys

Hercules and Mister Whiskers. They are at the centre of my world. Loving them is the easiest part of my day... and night. Since they are primarily nocturnal. I love them so much, I adapted my schedule to be awake when they want to play and eat and be hilarious.

It's partly why I'm writing a book called, How to Take Care of a Rescue. To talk into how tending to the needs of those you love, especially those under your care, is about more than food, shelter and safety from harm. It's also about learning how to listen and respond in unconventional ways.

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Processing the Ongoing Conversation

Jung had the Black Books. A mythopoetic imagination. A voyage of discovery to the other pole of the world.

I have this strangely inbuilt ability to follow the path of least resistance down a rabbit hole and to always find myself at the point of allowing what-is. More formally, you might refer to this as an ontologically dubious experience of "the world".

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Following my Instructions

Doing what I'm told. That's the way I usually describe it. And it's really easy.

People who think following your intuition will take them away from real life often assume guidance has a surreal way of communicating. I can't say what it's like for them. For me, experience itself is an information rich environment.

Every twinge, every image, every impulse forms part of a collective conversation about what to do next.

Dysfunction. Disorder. Defiance.

This world isn't designed for me. It's designed for most people. Most people just don't know how to take advantage of that fact. I can help them with that. I just can't get it to function for me.

If you need someone to talk to about your own invisible worlds, I offer 1:1 nonpathology counselling by phone which you can book through my Acuity Scheduling page.