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MetaphOracle was established as a way for clients to access our unique brand of being with people and place-times. We started charging people for our services when we recognised that life, the universe and everything was not going to let us do anything else.

Nobody Likes a Slacker

In all the places we have worked, what was being called forth into the everyday world, was an ability to listen and hear. To be with how people make sense of life. Stronger than the pull to get the paying job done, this calling tended to colour us undisciplined. And in the eyes of our employer, worked to undo all our goodwill. Until, at last, we were considered a burden.

Of course, we would step into each new position with fresh commitment to just do our job and not bring ourselves into work. But when you're a whatever-we-are, it never works out that way.

It Happens Every Time

You're asked to speak a truth at the bus stop or scribe an oracle during the busiest time of the day. When it happens on the way to work, it makes you late. When it happens at work, it gets in the way of whatever mundane task your boss has set you, and they're right there to see it. And they don't see you hearing people or being with. All they see is an employee not doing their job. But you can't ignore your instructions any more than you can will yourself not to be whatever-you-are.

When you get a message, say, about someone's grandmother. And it's your job to deliver it to a complete stranger. Someone who you'll probably never see again. Then you miss the bus to sit and talk with them for as long as it takes. That's just what you do. Which means you're also the person with a long line of burning bridges and incompletes, as far as anybody else can see. It's unavoidable. The two are intertwined.

But Who Gives a Monkey's

When your experience of the real world is ephemeral and full of significances that cannot be seen or spoken or explained to those who don't sense it. When every day is so rich with delight that there's no room for boundaries and full-stops, and you get impossible messages that always, somehow, turn out to be true. Then the constructed life of money, stuff, career, accomplishments, and endless pursuit to live-the-dream is much less meaningful. Or maybe it's just that the meaningfulness of those things are interpreted differently.

Instead of believing you've been fired, your interpretation includes more information. The significance of that move in your life is not stained by a rejection. Nor is it judged a black mark on your record. Rather it is simply part of something else going on.

You recognise some ill-defined need to be elsewhere, to have that experience, to be the person who gets admonished and/or seems to let people down. And when all of that is true, your experience forms part of an open narrative - curious and wildcrafted.

Narrative Freedom

Free to be present to what's going on from an alternative story - alternative to your ex-manager's version, that is - you see there is more going on. The zero-sum "real" of enlightenment, financial freedom and self-actualisation is reconfigured to reveal a more potent "real". A real focused on trusting the messages in the moment without making up stories about their origins or orientations.

In other words, one lives life as if wholeness already exists, trusts what's going on implicitly, and honours all that is. All of which occurs under the guide of un/knowing, and operates in accord with the possibility that we may never glimpse the full picture. And that’s okay, as far as it goes, but how do you run a household let alone a business without any principles to guide you? 

For that matter, what happens to your relationships when no-one sees or understands what you see? How do you move in the world at all if you’re not set on a particular path or working toward a particular vision? How do you exist without goals or outcomes or experts? How do you make sense of your experiences without a causal matrix of positive and negative, action and reaction, or life lessons? In essence, what happens when the lores and language of your experience are noncomposite with all known locally generated knowledge?

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