Melanie Brockwell

Education: Diploma Counselling (2015); BA Society, Life & Learning (2013)

Experience: Youth work, arts co-ordinator, social and emotional well-being facilitator, private practice, and online learning design.

Expertise: Personality disorders, organisational communication, living relationships, and transdisciplinary PD.


Therapy & Consulting

Therapy: Cosmo-counselling.

Consultation: Community program development, new business or branding, and organisational communication.

PD Curator: Professional development.


Phone, Skype & Online

Phone: Most clients prefer the convenience of a call.

Skype: Some opt for a video feed.

Online: All online experiences are accessed via the store.

Problems Are Optional

While I do not have any set beliefs, I have found that some of us do not need problems to (re)solve. We can enter therapy without a "because".



Set Your Own Ideals

In that spirit, it is also possible to navigate life's brutality with an unBranded identity. We can simply have who we are in a series of moments and not "seek out" an end.



Fluid & Label Free

Diagnosis is a mediator who speaks for you before you have the chance to be properly introduced. The wholeness of who you are is more complex than any #tagline.



Total Acceptance

Oftentimes, in order to be truly unBranded, we need someone to meet us where we are. With reflexion, we can see the order and purpose of an otherwise "chaotic self".




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