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"Thank you" for considering MetaphOracle

We're here to fill-the-gaps.

What if you could bridge the gap between mentor, counsellor, professor and other-worldly seer? You can! Our clients come to us for all the things they can't get anywhere else. This usually takes the form of compound and complex services that require expertise in multiple disciplines as well as the ability to work from several points of interest.

We focus on what's relevant to you.

We work according to your ideology, and stay with you for as long as it takes. Our unique approach allows us to be with whatever's going on for you. No preconditions.

And let you unbox.

If you can't fit your bio into a box and your life is drifting into the void of un/knowing then chances are we can work with that.




"If I am blocked on a project and I need creative catharsis I turn straight to Melanie because I know she will allow me space to explore and discover the answers to my own challenges."

Louise J. Moriarty
The Poet






When life's outside-the-box and you need something else, we can work with that

More Than Therapy

Working with the metaphorist, you get the added bonus of consulting an oracle who also happens to be a professional counsellor with a degree in sociology. That's like talking with your spirit-guide, your therapist, and your favourite professor all at once.


Hi, my name's Melanie. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm an unconventional counsellor.

I'm a '75 baby so I saw the birth of PCs, hip-hop and the Internet during my teens. I got kicked out of the education system at sixteen and went to art school for a while before starting IContact with my best friend - Natasha Thomas.

When she died in the Glenbrook rail accident of 1999, I thought I would never recover. Add in a miscarriage, some heartbreak and homelessness and you get a picture of what I dealt with in my twenties.

At 27, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and given Zoloft. Neither the psychiatrist nor the drugs were a fit. I got my bachelors in sociology, a counselling degree, designed my own treatment and started offering my services in 2009 to people who needed someone to listen differently.


Melanie | Founder + Metaphorist @ MetaphOracle


Origins | Experience | Feedback | Approach | History


MetaphOracle was established as a platform for our unique brand of being with people and place-times. Being with might sound vague but it is the closest we can come to a description of what happens when we're around.


We offer one-on-one consultations for single projects, complex life circumstances and long-term enterprises especially cases that require expertise in two or more professions. For a full outlay of experience and qualifications, please click here.


Having no bounded religious or spiritual beliefs; no fixed academic, philosophical or ideological convictions, we are able to explore without a point of origin. This also means our clients can freely pivot, process out loud and experiment as desired. Client feedback available here.


While it's true that being with cannot be distilled down to a step-by-step formula, it's the ability to hear and articulate client cosmologies that separates us from the pack. Perhaps that's why our client base ranges from truck drivers to medicine women. More about being with, here.


The name Metaphoracle has it's own story to tell. After three previous incarnations, the business has finally found its niche. To read more about our history, click here.

There are no benefits, outcomes or problems for a MetaphOracle mentor. We're simply being; simply present to this moment on purpose.

Phases of Your MetaphOracle Project

Starting out with someone new can be scary so we've put together a plan. Think of it as a way to plot out your path from here to now.


In the beginning we focus on what's going on for you, gathering together a picture of the world-self as it makes sense to you.


Next, you take the focus of this party where you need it to go, while we follow closely behind with your toolkit of choice.


Then, as you take your first steps into the unknown, we offer safe review of whatever comes up for you, for as long as it takes.

The Pivot

Whenever you experience the void of un/knowing, we're here to be with, and to offer oracle insights only when requested.

Pricing Options

A basic breakdown of what we charge. Click through one of the BOOK NOW buttons to see all available sessions.




1.5 hr Session

MP3 Recording

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1.5 hr Sessions X 12

MP3 Recordings

Sessions Notes





1.5 hr Sessions X 3

MP3 Recording

Sessions Notes


A Small Statement from Melanie

It's very important to me to avoid manipulative sales language that "targets" my "ideal clients" using the standard problem-solution model. That means I won't promise that you will get xyz out of it, and abc will change for you, or that this is the best thing you've ever seen. I'm simply going to invite you to work with me if that feels like something you find value in.


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